Your employees are responsible for your reputation

We can’t control everything. In any organization, big or small, there are things to delegate. As much as we want to, the reputation of the company depends on the whole.

Excellent product, honest management, transparency, good after-sales service, exchange policy and fair return.

They’re all necessary condiments but not enough for a solid brand experience.

The commitment and good performance of all your employees is essential for the generation of results in an organization.

The million-dollar question will then be: how do we achieve that commitment? Getting to know them and motivating them.

It’s hard work and one that updates over time. Different generations change in their motivation and relationship with the labor spectrum.

What was the “American dream” of stability, home and family has been modified with millennials and the new generations.

Anyway, accepting the nuances, we all want the same thing: a workplace that knows us, empowers us, challenges us and motivates us to do our best.

That the work has meaning, as well as remuneration.

Achieving that deep knowledge and acting on it is not simple, but neither is it impossible. We only have to look inside, bearing in mind that if we want to take good care of the outside, the house must be in order.

The trusty old walked the halls to chat with the team is positive but not enough. It is not applicable to all structures, especially in times of pandemic and the rise of home office.

Finding methodologies that measure organizational mood and receive feedback to think about improvements is essential. Your team needs to feel heard.

This isn’t just about being a great place to work. Just as it is important to know what satisfies our customers and act accordingly, it is essential to understand what motivates our employees.

It is estimated that a focused group of employees increases their productivity by 20%. It is our responsibility to give them space and tools so that they can express, develop and show results.

If we manage to be excellent with ours, that satisfaction will spill over into the final experience of our consumers.

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