7 Great Customer Service Quotes and Helpful Tips

The quality of customer service conversations is decisive in enhancing or undoing growth ideas in any type of business.

In fact, poor interactions always make users feel frustrated, which often “forces” them to look to the competition for answers.

In this regard, it is very worrying that 82% of customers do not mind leaving a company with a bad experience.

It’s no secret that your business can create loyal consumers and improve the experience with your brand if you use positive and impactful phrases on a regular basis.

But communication is an area that can be very complex: fundamentally when you try to make everyday things memorable.

Using the right phrases in customer service (even the simplest interactions) can transform a good experience into an extraordinary one.

Similarly, using incorrect expressions can make an exceptional support experience feel impersonal (and therefore meaningless to the customer).

Never forget: your employees are responsible for your reputation . Anticipate problems and show them these 7 great customer service quotes so they can swap claims for thank yous.

7 Powerful Customer Service Quotes

Customer Service Quotes)


In customer service, the best time to receive honest feedback is when the experience unfolds.

Improving your ability to receive and transmit information in an accurate and user-friendly way will produce better results than anything else.

Use these 7 customer service phrases to improve all your daily support interactions:

1) “Nice to meet you: can I help with anything?”

It’s always positive to greet users kindly and make them feel welcome, whether in the physical world or under any kind of digital interaction.

Even when you know your customers have come to voice a problem, you should approach the situation with a visible sense of excitement, as this sets the tone and communicational context for a good conversation.

When you use customer service phrases like “Glad you’re here” or “How can I help you today?” you’re basically proposing an invitation for your customers to join a conversation with you and show you what they think.

Did you know that 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience, but only 1% of them believe that suppliers consistently meet their expectations?

If you want to be closer to that 86%, then don’t underestimate any doubts or questions. Remember: we live in the age of customer-centric culture . “Meaningless” questions or claims no longer exist.


  • Always start and end the conversation with your customers with respect and kindness, so they feel like talking to you without inhibitions.
  • Show your customers how much you like interacting with them, no matter if it’s face-to-face communication, chat, or any other way. The important thing today is to have real-time feedback .

2) “Thank you for bringing it to our attention. We really value it and we’ll do something about it.”

Yes, you need to measure your customers’ satisfaction . Why? Because every problem posed by users is an opportunity for your business to improve a little and meet the expectations of those who trust it.

And if your company sees problems as an opportunity, then you should reflect that in the way you communicate with your customers.

You must have agile tools and a team focused on customer service that ensures the value of your brand. Listen to your customers and collaborators to achieve a culture that is transmitted in an experience of excellence for your brand.

By thanking users for bringing an issue to their attention, you show them the genuine concern you have about fixing it and providing them with a better overall experience.


  • “Applaud” (illustratively) those customers who point out any flaws in the product or service you offer.
  • Appreciate their attitude and encourage them to keep coming back with these types of suggestions in the future, stating that this also serves to improve the quality of service for everyone.

3) “I completely understand your situation: please explain everything to me in detail”

Not all customers will come up with reasonable demands. Some may want you to do them some sort of “favor,” such as asking for a modification to a product, or maybe adding “impossible” features to your services, etc.

Even in such situations, you should wait to say “NO,” and you should always be grateful for how their feedback is relevant to your company.

Your approach should be focused on empathizing and recognizing the value of suggestions. The important thing is to listen to them, relate to them, and teach them that their opinions are important.

For such a situation, you need to know some perfect phrases for customer service, and use them sympathetically to find out what your consumers think and feel about you.


  • Keep the reviews positive even for strange demands and always show that your customers’ ideas have some kind of merit for you.
  • Use expressions that show that you do understand their position and that you will work on their suggestions in the future.

4) “That would bother me too”

Customer Service Quotes


The last thing your customers want is to feel like their problems are being ignored.

And you definitely want them to perceive the opposite: consumers are known to be willing to pay 16% more for products and services from brands that provide a great customer experience .

To avoid this, then, it’s important to use empathy statements for customer service: users need to feel that their statements are pertinent and that their problems are really worthwhile (even if they aren’t).

The easiest way to be empathetic is to use positive customer service phrases in a way that makes them feel like you can relate to them on some level.

You have to use words that show how the situation would have affected you in the same way, or how you would have been equally upset by the same event.


  • Apologizing should never feel like a trivial platitude, but rather a communicative step to improve the customer experience with your brand.
  • Stay away from excuses when it comes to apologizing, as this can further infuriate your customers.

5) “I can help with this: please let me try”

A good service agent should know how to express themselves to customers by utilizing stimulating language to mitigate any concerns or potential disagreements between the parties.

Not only is it about acknowledging the problem immediately, but you also have to offer confidence that the situation will be solved sooner rather than later.

It is key to use positive customer service phrases such as “of course”, “surely”, “so it will be”, etc., in order to convey a high degree of willingness to help users with any type of request or problem.


  • Always use impactful words like “exactly,” “definitely,” “conclusively,” etc. to show customers how you will approach the problem and also how you intend to solve it.
  • Use confident language and take a proactive approach so customers can have confidence in your ability to deliver results.

6) “Your problem is now being transmitted to the right team”

It’s true that your collaborators aren’t always the right people to solve all the problems your customers present on a daily basis.

In such scenarios, many teams make the mistake of using phrases like “I can’t help you” or “This is out of my reach.” Abysmal.

It is also possible to easily gain the trust of customers by letting them know that their problem will be passed on to specialists in the field.

And when experts analyze the problem, users can definitely expect the best possible response to their concerns.

In customer service, the speed of detection and response can be the difference between losing a customer or building customer loyalty.


  • Never give your customers the wrong guarantee regarding their order if that problem will never reach a team of experts.
  • He always speaks honestly and tries to give precise reasons without detours or excuses.

7) “Please tell me anything else I can do for you”

Customer Service Quotes


Customers deserve a pat on the back when they provide honest feedback about your products or services – you should always try to adopt a tone of appreciation for any input received.

There are some perfect phrases for customer service that you can use and show how you really appreciate any suggestions that are made to you.

If you use encouraging words and positive phrases in such situations, you’ll be giving users a lot of confidence to get even more honest feedback.

When you show a tendency to help using expressions like “What else can I do for you?” or “How can I help you more?” you’re also encouraging customers to share more information about their views.


  • Be condescending to users but don’t represent a false stance that casts doubt on your honesty in offering more help.
  • In the same way, it will depend on the phrase(s) you choose in case you are willing to help and go a step further in solving the problem.

How to apply customer service phrases immediately?

Our Customer Voice service allows you to collect information directly from your customers in store. It is done through touch screens, with an emoji system to facilitate participation (also with a contactless option).

In addition to instant metrics, you can also count on alarm systems to know negative experiences.

This provides the advantageous possibility of quickly serving potential frustrated customers, which can be the difference between losing them or building loyalty.

Measuring the customer experience immediately is possible thanks to the modern tools and varied strategies offered by Global Metrics .

If you need more information on how to get direct, regular, and real-time feedback, go to https://globalmetrics.io/contacto/

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