Success Story

Easy is a chain of sale of articles for construction and equipment for the home and garden. It has 48 stores in Argentina, 40 stores in Chile and 16 stores in Colombia.


Easy needed to implement a way to capture the opinion of his clients to be able to give a quick and timely response to his requirement and correct the claims they raised. For that, a digital book was established in all the branches of Chile at the customer service point connected to the CRM (Siebel, Oracle) of the company through an API to be able to channel what they are receiving from consumers and customers.


We have been working since 2016. More than 12,000 comments are processed a year only in the branches of Chile

The integration of this solution allows EASY to systematize the spontaneous feedback of customers in addition to shortening the time between the info and response is received. The organization incorporated customer feedback into its work routine.

The Global Metrics Digital Book Solution has allowed us to have a very good connection with our clients since the suggestions, congratulations and claims reach our computer directly.

Alejandro Valenzuela

Easy Alto Las Condes