Success Story

Dunkin is an international restaurant chain that sells coffee and donuts and is present in Chile with 113 premises. The number of stores grew 20% in 2022.


Previously, they had a QR survey system with a very low response rate adopted from the USA.

They were looking for:

  1. Substantially increase in the amount of responses with physical collectors.
  2. Being able to evaluate the level of service delivered by their workers.
  3. To be able to reduce the level of variance in the experience between the different stores of the country.
  4. Install physical collectors with an easy questionnaire to answer in places of high visibility in each of the stores.



The amount of responses in stores increased more than 500%, which gave them more critical mass to do more and better analysis.

They were able to understand the success of the premises (E.G.: Attention, food, environment, cleaning, speed). They have improved service levels.

Even the CX survey was included as an internal process management tool and in the store staff remuneration plan.