Success Story

Agrosuper is a leading Chilean company in the production and marketing of fresh and frozen foods, birds, salmon and processed products.

The company has more than 60 years of history, and has presence in Chile and more than 50 other countries. It has 27 productive plants in Chile, more than 30 including the rest of the world, and they have more than 30 thousand workers around the world.


In 2021, they had a disconnection problem with the interests of the workers and the claims that came through the union. They sought to generate a channel with the workers so that they could understand them better and build a better work environment.




They installed new stations at high-traffic points in the silver production area.. Also a digital book to capture suggestions and comments. In them, the workers could give their opinions anonymously.

They achieved a substantial improvement in the employment relationship and adequate infrastructure according to their real needs. Things like air conditioning and heating in areas that did not had it. Improvement in dressing rooms and showers and other issues that they had, and could not upscale to management because they didn’t had the right channel and means to do it so.
This was established as a permanent private channel between the company and the worker.