We have a deep understanding of customer needs and the latest trends in technology across various international markets.

Our mision

Improve the performance of organizations delivering high impact information to manage the client experience (external and internal) through innovative technological solutions that do automatically and timely.

Our purpose

At GlobalMetrics we believe that timely information and efficient data management have a positive impact on business results.

That is why we develop technological solutions focused on Real Time capture and processing of contextual Customer Experience Feedback to foster a true customer centric culture.

Our history

GlobalMetrics was born in 2012 after a conversation among friends who wondered what customers think when they buy. At that time, all the market research on the shopping experience took 30 days to survey and 15 more days to deliver the results. But we wanted to know what customers thought in real time. Days later, one of the partners went to Singapore and saw a survey system in a point of Sale with a totem. From then on, several meetings were held to develop the idea.

In January 2013, we started working on the idea with programmers. Finally, in mid-2013, we sold the first measurement points with buttons/tablets at Café Juan Valdez. Now we have offices and partners in United States, Mexico, Chile, Peru and Colombia, with an average of more than 2.7 million surveys per month, delivering all the information through a real-time dashboard.