What exactly is customer experience today (2022)

Customer Experience (CX) is the sum total of all interactions a customer has with a company. If you want to know how to use it to your advantage for your business now, then read on.

Customer experience is a modern concept that enjoys wide acceptance and appreciation within the business world. There is no doubt about it.

But it must also be said that for many it is a broad process that is under continuous evolution in reference to its real scope, meaning and importance.

This is not surprising, since its relevance is difficult to measure, mainly because in the last 3 years its influence has changed more rapidly than ever.

The pandemic has changed everything drastically: from how a customer perceives a brand, to what they want and what they expect from their interactions with it.

Do you want a real statistic to measure the importance of what we will talk about in this post?

Then you should know that the customer experience is so decisive today that there are 93% of consumers who make repeat purchases only with those companies that offer them an excellent customer experience (CX).

It’s an impressive statistic and of course something alarming, but it serves to make you aware of why you should take care of boosting your CX as soon as possible.

But let’s take it one step at a time; Here we will clearly develop what the real value of the customer experience is today, with the intention that you can incorporate new ideas for the benefit of your business.

Customer Experience & Customer Service: The Ultimate Union

You’ve probably heard of employee experience (EX). It is a contemporary concept that is on the rise, and for the purposes of this post, it is well worth explaining.

Employee experience is analogous to customer experience, but logically it is focused on internal employees and not consumers.

EX is the result of all the interactions an employee has with a given company during their entire working time within that company.

It encompasses variables related to everything that the worker learns, does, sees and feels at each stage of their life cycle as an internal customer of a company.

This includes a wide range of factors, from the onboarding process, organizational culture, work environment, leadership, human resources, and so many other variants particular to each company.

Customer Experience


Employee experience has a direct influence on the customer experience. Hence its importance to properly address what CX is today.

You don’t have to make much effort to understand that when an employee is happy, satisfied and has a positive work experience, they are much more productive and efficient, improving the customer experience they are able to offer.

The equation you need to solve is very simple: if you improve the performance of your employees, your business will be able to offer a better customer experience.

5 reasons why it’s important to raise EX in your company:

  • Boost engagement with your business.
  • Boost productivity and performance.
  • Lower worker turnover. Stable working group.
  • It directly influences the customer experience you offer.
  • Positive image of your company and brand value.

According to a report by Willis Towers Watson, 9 out of 10 employers believe that improving the employee experience is a priority in pursuing post-pandemic business success.

In short: you must get data from your own collaborators. Give them a chance to express themselves, without fear of any kind. The first step to a good customer experience is to have a motivated team.

A modern way to get busy is to offer your collaborators fast, anonymous and easy ways to download. This will help you get a real, unbiased picture of what’s going on in the trenches of your business.

Obtaining information directly from the source is undoubtedly one of the best ways to start working and measuring your NPS in 2022, making your business adapt as soon as possible to the new types of complaints, suggestions and congratulations.

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Customer Experience in 3 Legendary Customer Service Phrases

Customer Experience


Using the right language helps to improve the customer experience, and therefore, also increases the feeling of satisfaction within your consumers.

It is essential to perceive the context in which the interaction with users takes place. A phrase used with one consumer may not fit very well with another: we must remember that each customer is a different individual.

Humanizing the bond with our consumers will always be a great way to improve our CX proposition.

In this sense, it is never a bad time to remember this fantastic expression:

“We see our customers as guests at a party and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to improve every important aspect of the customer experience.”

( Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon )

How much clarity to define the value of an efficient customer experience!

But there’s more. Here are 3 classic customer service phrases for your business to enhance the concept of customer experience:

1) “I’m happy to help”

It may seem obvious, but starting or ending a customer service interaction with “I’m happy to help” or “I’m here to help” is always a good way to build a positive customer experience.

In this regard, it’s good to remember that 91% of customers will simply leave without complaining if they’re not satisfied with the CX offered by the brand.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to use expressions like “Let me know if there’s anything else I can do” or “I’m happy to help”; This invites customers to share more issues and increases the likelihood that they will leave satisfied.

This encourages consumers to talk about everything they experience with a brand, product, or service, even if they feel their issues aren’t important or have questions of little relevance.

Nowadays it is essential that the customer feels that we are willing to solve any type of problem that may arise, always showing ourselves willing to provide them with an exceptional customer experience.

2) “We appreciate your ideas/comments/thoughts/experience”

Part of delivering an efficient customer experience is being able to identify root problems and resolve them before other users experience them.

When a client shares personal feedback or feelings, it’s a unique opportunity to be able to work and identify areas where improvement needs to be made.

Customer Experience


Every time we receive reviews referring to the customer experience we offer, it is necessary to thank the consumer for taking the time to share with us those perceptions and ratings that are their own.

It is also essential to always ask for feedback from customers in a proactive way: this allows someone to share appreciations in relation to our venture that we may not even know could be a problem.

In this sense, as we always say, you can’t fix what you don’t know is broken.

3) “I completely understand your situation”

Not all clients will come to us with reasonable demands. Some may even want a favor, such as asking for a modification to a product, or adding features to a certain service, etc.

Being receptive is always important to encourage positive CX from the very beginning. Empathy helps ease almost any tense situation.

Even in such incoherent situations, you should wait to say “no” to a user, always offering yourself at your disposal and valuing the comments that the user can make.

The focus should be on empathizing with customers and understanding why they express themselves the way they do in relation to our customer experience proposal.

The idea is always to listen to them, engage with them, and teach them that their opinions are really important for the growth of our business.

The future of customer experience in “the new normal”

The landscape has changed forever. During the Covid-19 pandemic, customers have been forced to shop in a whole new way, while digital adaptation in businesses has accelerated dramatically.

Today, brands and users who have been more reluctant to buy and sell online are adopting new customer experience strategies more than ever.

Companies that are responsive and know how to respond quickly to new customer interaction formats with smart CX strategies are sure to grow their business.

With Global Metrics you can now get metrics instantly and have alarm systems that allow you to know negative experiences of your customers immediately.

This allows you to quickly and effectively serve disgruntled prospective consumers, which can be the difference between losing them or building loyalty.

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There is only one certainty, and that is that the future belongs to companies that currently understand the importance of working on the customer experience.

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