Keep up with your customers

Measuring customer satisfaction is nothing new. Over the years, companies have used different methodologies and tools to stay in touch with their consumers’ experience and measure their level of service.

The thing is, times have changed and with the advancement of technology, consumers have become more sophisticated. Service times have been reduced and the wait for answers is almost immediate.

It’s no longer just about “talking to the manager” when something goes wrong. The communication channels between companies and users have multiplied and everything carries a sense of urgency.

Some tools have lost their validity, aren’t comprehensive enough, or require too much from a client who isn’t willing to give their time.

Satisfaction surveys.

What’s the first thing you think of when I say satisfaction survey? It’s probably what a bummer!

That thought is that of many, those types of surveys have a response rate of less than 1%. Not to mention that working on the data to draw conclusions is slow.

It is likely that when we analyzed why X consumer was dissatisfied whether he was a customer of the competition.

Incognito customer.

The mystery shopper is a methodology in which people are sent to impersonate customers to evaluate the service according to certain pre-established criteria.

It’s not that I want to underestimate its usefulness, just that the final information is biased. It is subjective and does not come from a direct and real contact with a customer. It’s a simulation.

On the other hand, it does not allow for too large samples, making it impossible to detect trends.

Incoginito Client

What alternatives are there?

Thanks to technology, there are tools that allow you to take feedback from customers quickly, easily and with centralized information in real time.

Global Metrics’ Consumer Voice collects information directly from your in-store customers. The best time to receive honest feedback is when the experience unfolds.

It is done through touch screens with an emoji system to facilitate participation. Now also with contactless option!

In addition to instant metrics, you can count on alarm systems for when the results are negative. Quickly attending to a lost potential customer can be decisive when it comes to saving them and building loyalty.

If you need more information on how to get direct, regular, and real-time feedback, go to

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