Customer Satisfaction Survey Examples: 20 Questions

After thousands upon thousands of hours of rigorous analysis, we’ve come to a fantastically original conclusion: measuring customer satisfaction is a key factor in the success of any business.


You got it right: JUST KIDDING. But beyond our sarcasm, the truth is that this is not the first time we have written about How to do satisfaction surveys .

And for this very reason we see in this post a good opportunity to try to write something new, something different.

Something that is of real practical value to all those people who Google customer satisfaction survey examples“.

We start with a well-proven idea: as companies grow and evolve, maintaining a satisfied and loyal customer base is critical to continuing on that path. You can move in that direction too.

The first thing you need to do is practice active listening with your consumers: you need to understand what expectations they have when they interact with your brand.

Why should you care so much?

Very simple: 70% of the shopping experience is based on how customers feel they are being treated. Guess what happens if users aren’t happy with you and you haven’t even noticed…

Calm. Let’s focus on what’s most important: an effective way to measure customer satisfaction is through a survey. And to make a survey truly productive, you need to work with precise questions.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Examples


In this post we want to present you with 20 customer satisfaction survey questions, with the idea that you can use them to find out what your customers think and feel about the experience offered by your company.


The Paramount Importance of Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction refers to a customer’s overall experience with a company. It includes from the first contact with the brand, to the after-sales service.

If customers are satisfied with the experience you provide, they’re more likely to buy from you again in the future and recommend your business to others. Otherwise, practically say goodbye to them.

In this sense, the statistics are conclusive:

96% of dissatisfied customers don’t complain ,

And 91% of them, they just leave and never come back.

In addition, customer satisfaction can also directly affect a company’s profitability.

Satisfied customers tend to spend more money and more often than dissatisfied users. On the other hand, dissatisfied consumers are more likely to leave the company and look for alternatives.

For this reason, measuring customer satisfaction is a key metric for any business looking to maintain a happy and loyal consumer base.

How do I do a customer satisfaction survey?

As we said, a highly effective way to measure customer satisfaction is through a survey.

We are talking about creating a questionnaire specially designed to help companies understand what their customers think and feel about their products or services, their brand and the quality of their customer service.

Working with large volumes of different customers , satisfaction surveys allow companies to strategically improve products, optimize the user experience, and deliver exactly what the market demands.

Here are 20 sample customer satisfaction survey questions you can use to gain valuable insights about your business.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Examples: 20 Questions to Find Out What They Think and Feel About You

Customer Satisfaction Survey Examples


You will notice that the questions we propose are focused, each one, on a very particular issue.

We have not incorporated questions that could offer ambiguous results, since it would be impossible to know if the respondent answers about the products or the service they are given at that moment.

One last piece of advice: keep fairness an absolute tenet of your survey model. There will be time to say what you think. That time to get your point across is definitely not with a client next to you.

Without further ado, here are 20 questions that will help you improve your strategic vision in relation to your venture:

Where did you first hear about us?

Customers may have heard about you through a friend, a social media review, or just anywhere else you can think of – the only way to collect that data is to ask directly.

Was it easy for you to figure out how to interact with our brand?

If your customers can’t interact with you easily, then they don’t know you exist.

Are you satisfied with the quality of our product/service?

Remember that a bad experience can change everything. In customer service, the speed of detection and response can be the difference between losing a customer or building customer loyalty.

Would you recommend our products/services to others?

Don’t look for exaggerated flattery or false flattery. Get a real, unbiased picture of what’s going on in the trenches of your business.

How would you rate the friendliness and professionalism of our customer support team?

Your employees are responsible for your reputation . Their commitment to your brand is critical to generating positive results.

Did you feel welcomed and valued as a customer?

This will only apply to users who have already purchased your products or services. It will help you understand valuable details about how you should act in the future to convince other potential customers to feel comfortable with your brand.

Did you receive the product/service on time?

This question serves to understand if your brand is really delivering what it promises in a timely manner.

How would you rate the value for money of our product/service?

What sets you apart from your competitors? Evaluate how you’re competing with other brands in your customers’ minds. Even here you could also discover a competitive advantage that you weren’t aware of.

Would you recommend our product/service to a friend or family member?

Even if a customer is satisfied with what you offer, there’s always room for improvement. Use this question to identify holes in your existing services and highlight other areas where you can look to expand your business.

What is the likelihood that they will buy our product/service again?

Never forget: satisfied customers are more likely to come back and buy from you in the future. That’s your north to follow.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Examples


How would you rate the quality of our customer service?

A statistic to better understand the reason for this question: 77% of customers would recommend your company to a friend only after having a positive experience with you.

Was the information provided by our customer service team helpful?

Finding methodologies that measure organizational mood and having good feedback with your collaborators is the key to knowing if everyone is doing their job well.

How would you describe the shopping experience?

One possible reason for the drop in sales is that the buying process is too confusing or burdensome, which in turn may be scaring away potential customers.

Did you find what you were looking for in us?

The closer you are to meeting the expectations of what they expect from you, the closer you are to satisfying your customers.

Do you think our product/service is worth it?

If your prices are perceived as poor value for money, you may need to work to shift that value to a better consideration.

What challenges are you trying to solve by acquiring our services?

Knowing this serves to “shape” and constantly improve your brand’s value proposition.

What convinced you to buy the product/service?

Knowing which were the “hooks” or “mental triggers” that persuaded your customers is very valuable so that you can then reproduce them again with greater emphasis.

What do you think of our return process?

If you provide this service, it must be of quality. And if the answer is no, this question will help you identify and try to minimize these types of problems.

What do you like least about us?

Identifying areas for improvement is the only way to make regular progress.

How could we improve our proposal in the future?

You may need to ensure a friendly climate before you ask this, but these tips help you understand what your customers expect from you.

How do I do a customer satisfaction survey?

Global Metrics allows you to collect valuable information for your business using in-store customer satisfaction surveys.

In addition to working with real-time metrics, you can also count on alarm systems to know negative experiences immediately.

In customer service, the speed of detection and response can be the difference between losing a consumer or building customer loyalty.

If you need more information on how to get direct, regular and real-time feedback, click here.

You already know: knowing what they think and feel about your brand is essential. We hope you find our customer satisfaction survey examples useful.

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