3 Phrases That Will Leave You Thinking (Part II)

A while ago I shared the analysis of three quotes from personalities of well-known brands. Why? Because they synthesize a lot of wisdom in a simple and attractive way.

For today I’m going to change a little bit. They won’t be phrases with a name and surname, I chose three anonymous pieces.

For a phrase to make sense and contribute to us, it does not need to have a large signature. Great wisdom is often found in the popular imagination.


“If we don’t take care of our customers, someone will.”


A great truth. Our product or service is unlikely to be unique and irreplaceable. In increasingly homogeneous markets with fierce price fights, good service is a great differential.

Copying an offer is easy, copying a good experience not so much. If your customer feels better about another brand, there won’t be much you can do.

How do you know if your consumers feel cared for? Asking and listening to the answers.

“Customer service isn’t a department, it’s an attitude.”


If I keep repeating this I’m going to bore you, but that’s the way it is. One of the biggest failures when it comes to developing strategies to measure customer satisfaction is thinking that it is a problem of a single department.

A listening and consumer-oriented attitude is not the responsibility of a team, it involves 100% of the organization.

Measuring KPIs so that they get lost in a PPT or in a meeting of a few doesn’t do much good. Strategies need to include different cross-departmental leaders.

“I won’t complain, I just won’t come back.”


This is the biggest fear, losing a customer without even knowing it. Without even having the chance to fight for him.

We’ve established that keeping a customer is much more cost-effective than getting a new one. This is why facilitating ways of evaluating and communicating with your customers is essential to keep them with you.

A service channel doesn’t guarantee that the dissatisfied customer will stay, but at least you’ll know. If you don’t have it…

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