3 Examples of Customer Satisfaction

We can talk a lot about customer satisfaction, but we often fall into conceptual content.

Measuring and improving this satisfaction rate should not remain a nice-to-have. It’s an increasingly important business metric.

Today I share with you 3 examples of North American companies that Neil Patel raised in his blog. The idea is to take inspiration from these successful experiments and take action.

1. IBM

The technology giant IBM is always named in the rankings of companies that generate the best satisfaction in their customers.

This success is attributable to a customer-centric approach. Their decisions are centered on the goals and desires of their end users.


Your customer always comes first. No matter what you’re selling, know why they came to you and what the outcome means to your customer.

2. Chick-fil-A

Examples of Satisfaction

This restaurant stands out for its excellent service and usually takes first place in the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Even with stiff competition from more renowned brands.

Why? Because all your employees are trained for friendliness and precision.


A customer-centric culture depends on every individual in the company. You need to invest in your people. Professionalism and courtesy have a huge impact on the customer satisfaction rating.

3. Trader Joe’s

This supermarket chain boasts an NPS of 62, versus the industry average of 24.

Why the difference? Because the brand is famous for its extra mile, i.e. going the extra mile for its customers.

In one famous example, a Reddit user recounted how the chain broke its “no delivery” policy to help an 89-year-old man who had been locked down by snow over the holidays.


Have the flexibility to twist your rules and procedures when it comes to wowing your customers. Good gestures go viral and help your reputation.

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