Success Story

“Pronto Copec” is a chain of convenience stores that belongs to the Copec company, one of the largest fuel and energy companies in Chile. Soon Copec offers a variety of products and services, such as food, drinks, cafeteria, bakery, pharmacy, cell phones and cards, among others. Soon Copec has more than 200 stores throughout the country, located mainly in Copec service stations.


Its stores are next to Copec gasoline stations and the bathroom is a key element of preference. Keeping them clean was being a challenge given the large amount of motorists who visited them permanently.

The objective was to have the bathrooms clean and know the requirements of customers and innovate according to that.

The plan was to have a tablet collector in the bathrooms with immediate feedback. Included an alarm system to the store manager and maintenance personnel for immediate resolution.



The service was improved in the bathrooms lowering the claims. They have also been able to propose improvement plans based on the info collected